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Charter for Compassion guiding principles

The principle of compassion lies at the heart of all religious, ethical and spiritual traditions, calling us always to treat all others as we wish to be treated ourselves.

7/3/2019 - The Voice - monthly Homeless Newsletter

Click here to view our monthly newsletter. Please share the link with friends, coworkers and family members. Increasing homeless awareness is having a significant impact on the changes needed here in our city of Indianapolis.

9/11/17 - Hurricane Irma

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those whose lives have been impacted by Hurricane Irma


Our hearts go out to the many people in our world
who are suffering in the aftermath of flooding, war, or loss of any kind. 
Our hearts hold it all with love and compassion.
How does this compassion want to move through you?
 - Dorothy Hunt

8/13/17 - response to charlottesville, VA attack

Our entire organization is deeply saddened by the acts of domestic terrorism committed in Virginia on August 12th by white supremacists, neo-Nazis, KKK members, and other extremist groups. We send our heartfelt sympathy to the families of those who were injured or killed during this tragic event.  Prejudice, bigotry, and hatred have never solved any problems, and they have no place in our democracy.  They only lead to more hatred, more violence, and ultimately more problems.  Love begets love; hatred begets hatred.

Mother Teresa was once quoted as saying something to the effect that if you invited her to an Anti-Hate rally, she would not attend; but if you invited her to a Pro-Love rally, she would be happy to accept.  In other words, what you are AGAINST is not nearly as important as what you are FOR.  Our small, seemingly insignificant, positive actions in the world DO have an impact, and many small positive actions in the world TOGETHER can change the course of history.  So always keep love in your heart.  Stay the course.  TOGETHER we can re-direct the path of our country back to being a more open, inclusive, and welcoming place that will once again be the beacon of hope the world expects of us.  All of us TOGETHER can spread soothing, healing love upon the earth – the kind of love that is so critically needed at this time in our history.


6/5/17 - Anti-Muslim Billboard ARticle

An anti-Muslim billboard disparaging the Prophet Muhammad that can be seen from the southbound lanes of I-465 on the east side is drawing concern from local Muslims.

Now, Islamic leaders in Indianapolis are challenging those responsible for what they say are offensive and untrue statements to stand by their words, shed their anonymity and explain their motivations. Continue

4/11/17 - United Airlines Isn’t the Problem—It’s Good People Doing Nothing 

Well, the upside is that we all agree on something again. Liberal or conservative, MAGA or #NeverTrump, everybody thinks that what happened to that poor doctor on that United flight was horrible. To be dragged off like a dead body, taken to some TSA gulag in the basement of O’Hare airport. It’s disgusting, it’s disturbing, it’s unconscionable! Continue