Our Vision

Indianapolis is a compassionate community in which all people, corporate entities and
community institutions treat all beings and the environment with respect and concern.

Our Mission

To inspire and empower all people to practice kindness while actively seeking to alleviate suffering.

Our Values

Compassion - We will strive to treat others as we wish to be treated, to alleviate the suffering of all creatures, and to treat everyone with justice, equity and respect. This is the shared and unifying energy that nurtures the healing of our polarized community. It begins with the practice of mindfulness in each individual and flows outward to everyone and everything.

Eco Conscience - As our community learns to embody compassion towards others, the recognition of our interdependence requires us to also honor all creatures and our natural resources, to refuse to do violence against nature, and to thereby bring unity and harmony to our planet.

Abundance - As we extend compassion to each other and to the earth, there is undeniable plenty for all.

Cooperation - We will remove ourselves from the center of our world, transcending
selfishness in order to enable better collaboration with others, build bridges between people and nations, and facilitate healing of differences. 

Intention - This value commits us to the continuous practice of compassion, keeping it in the forefront of our awareness as the primary goal for healing ourselves and our world.

Transparency - Compassion is neither political nor secret, but rather by its nature, open and vulnerable. It is not afraid to share loving kindness.

Hope - When we support, respect, and honor each other and the environment, positive
anticipation and enthusiasm for the future spring forth naturally.

Peace - When we practice unconditional respect and empathy for the equality of every living thing, and an intention for the well-being of all, we are engendering peace in the world.

Spiritual Awareness - As each individual cultivates compassion within himself/herself, it initiates enlightenment, uniting the spiritual with the physical, mental and emotional, enriching life and giving it meaning.

Social Innovation - Every individual, organization, and community is encouraged to embrace compassion as a catalyst for progress and transformation.

Pursuit of Truth - The dedication of our community to compassion in all its forms is considered the highest pursuit of truth.

Sustainability - A foundation built of compassion and compassionate action, so practiced and developed, is stable, strong, resilient, and long-lasting.

Justice - We commit to treat all humanity with equity and support restorative justice through the community.

Inclusion - In recognition of our oneness, our intention is to honor, respect and relieve the suffering of all.... No exceptions.

Hospitality - All visitors, local, national and international, are welcomed in the name of compassion and encouraged to share their practices and ideas.

Empowerment - Compassion nurtures and inspires people to grow and make a difference in their own life, as well as in the lives of others. It lifts them to participate in global change and promote healing from polarization. Fostering compassion in education augments this empowerment.

Awareness and Understanding - Those who give have no expectation of indebtedness from those who may be receiving the compassion of this movement, but “paying it forward” is sometimes contagious.

Dialogue - In compassionate dialogue, we genuinely listen to others with an open heart, acknowledge our common humanity, make a sincere effort to understand their point of view, and respect their viewpoint even when it differs from our own. We believe open dialogue is the antidote for fear and hatred.

Universal Positivity - Our community's commitment to compassion makes us a part of the Global Compassion Movement created by Karen Armstrong, along with other internationally recognized theologians, philosophers, educators, religious and spiritual leaders, as well as government leaders.

The Global Compassion Movement has been recognized as being the Most Significant movement of the 21st century.